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Welcome to the Salone Coupons and Daily Deals Site!

Here local businesses and individuals can advertise their products and services. This proven solution gives small businesses and individuals who want to drive more traffic to their business location the opportunity to generate more sales by listing discounted offers so shoppers can view, print and use them the next time they visit their business location.

If you have products or services to sell, here are some questions for you:
Do you want to drive more traffic to your business location?
Do you want to increase your sales volume?
Do you need an online storefront but don't have the resources to implement or manage it?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above then we can help you reach your goals.

See the deal
Subscribers receive an email with a list of featured businesses and services offered. Special discounts and promotions are sent out as soon as we receive them. This way you save lots of money when you make a purchase at these business locations.
Get the deal
subscribers and website visitors can get coupons and promotional offers anytime. Coupons can also be accessed on smart phones and tablets.

Instructions for business owners and service providers

(1) You provide all information about a discounted product or service (description, cost & photos)
(2) Information is added to the website and available to our website visitors
(3) Coupons are accepted at your business location for special pricing on advertised products
Instructions for our website visitors
(1) Visitors can access this website anytime to view and get promotional offers
(2) Our subscribers will receive notifications of promotional offers via email and text messaging
(3) The best news, NO payment is required to get discounted offers and coupons on this site

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